My son Derek never stops moving around. He is naughty and talkative, and is probably my worst nightmare ever.But – he always has a wide grin on his face. He is active, outgoing, and highly efficient. At the same time as being my worst nightmare, he is definitely the best present given to me. And this is just impossible if without Elsa and her team’s help.

At Elsa’s Foundation Learning Centre, efficiency and accuracy are the foremost virtues. Teachers never leave when the clock strikes – but rather, when every single piece of assigned work is completed. Personally, I would say patience and knowledge are the key here. All this are done in addition to keeping children happy. My child crossed roads with his best friends here, and their bond got ever stronger amongst the healthy competition promoted here.

Not only that, but Elsa has an arsenal of resources from various schools, slowly built up through the years. My child’s progress from a total amateur to one who is, most of the time, a step (or two) ahead of school – was in fact closely monitored. If I were to nominate one item that I appreciate most apart from academic merit and personality shaping, I would definitely say the conversation between instructor and parents.

When asked of his fondest memories, my son recalled the time when he had lessons with a Chinese teacher at Elsa’s place. His story-telling way of teaching intrigued him most, and sure captivated his interest in the subject. A substantial improvement was noted in the subject area as he spent more and more time in the subject.

Another of his memories lies with the clear reward system. One of the countless motives that push him to complete his work is that certain food and material rewards await satisfactory work completion. Although sounding a bit trivial, I do agree that this is one of the most effective means of pushing kids. (To be frank, my son is still keeping at least one of the toys from Elsa up till this day.)

My son is currently studying a double degree programme in the University of Hong Kong with a full scholarship – all this is impossible if not for Elsa’s help.


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